Legally Blonde at the New Theatre Cardiff

This week myself and Mr H went to see the touring production of Legally Blonde, at the New Theatre in Cardiff.

Ohmigod You Guys! – the opening of Legally Blond the Musical Tour
I’ve mentioned before that theatre is a big part of our lives, so when a friend of ours was coming to Cardiff whilst working on this tour, we jumped at the chance (and the discount!) to go and see one of our favourite musicals and treat ourselves to a date night together. It’s not often that we get to see shows together where Mr H isn’t working on it!

Bringing this classic 00’s Reese Witherspoon film to the stage with the added bonus of feel good songs and fantastic dance routines. The cast really impressed, with bundles of energy from the opening number until the very end. 

Legally Blonde is the well-known story of sorority president Elle Woods (Lucie Jones), as she follows her heart and ex boyfriend Warner (Liam Doyle) to Harvard Law School. 

Whilst there she meets the slightly scruffy bit utterly adorable Emmett Forest (David Barrett) and learns much more about law and herself than she ever bargained for. 

Taking on an internship from the intense and severe professor (Bill Ward) they defend fitness queen Brooke Wyndham (Helen Petrovna) in a murder trial. 

Lucie Jones as Elle Woods – Legally Blonde the Musical Tour
“Local girl” Lucie Jones, from Pentyrch in Cardiff, really showed off her wide vocal range in the leading role of Elle Woods. 

Having been on X Factor and represented the UK in this year’s Eurovision her singing was never in doubt, but her acting also excelled. We’d seen this when it was on the West End with the wonderful Sheridan Smith fulfilling the lead role, I was apprehensive to how Lucie would compare, but she really made the part her own and aced it.

Bill Ward as Professor Callahan – Legally Blonde the Musical Tour
Bill Ward, of Coronation Street fame, was frustratingly brilliant as nasty Professor Callahan. He was fired up and patronising as only a lawyer full of himself could be. The “boos” he received from the audience at the end were just an accolade of what a horrible character he portrayed. 

Rita Simmons aka Paulette Bonafonte – Legally Blonde the Musical Tour
I have to say though, that Rita Simmons really stood out for us. You’ll most likely recognise Rita from her time as Roxy Mitchell in Eastenders, but I bet you never realised what a fabulous voice she has. 

The part of Paulette is very funny and loving at the same time, it would be so easy to over egg it and turn it pantomimic, but Rita played every line perfectly. Her acting and comedic timing were impeccable and her voice absolutely blew us and the rest of the audience away. Rita really belted out her numbers, but with great control, and every note was hit perfectly.

Paulette and Kyle, and most importantly Rufus the dog! – Legally Blonde the Musical Tour
Paulette’s developing relationship with delivery guy Kyle (Ben Harlow) was simultaneously heart warming and hysterical. And yes, her “bend and snap” was perfectly on point! 

Oh and Rufus, Paulette’s dog, was just the cutest thing! I really wanted to bring him home, and was so excited when I happened to meet the “star” outside the theatre! 

One of the many fantastic dance numbers – Legally Blonde the Musical Tour
The set design was great, but a little mismatched between realistic and a bit cartoony in places. But the way it all moved and came together was brilliant, really impressive. Especially when we found out that not all the set could be used as it was too big for this stage. 

The many costumes were brilliant. Perfectly suited to each character, with plenty of glitz and glamour. Details such as Emmett’s “ratty corduroy” suit being oversized, more than likely a second hand one all he could afford, really helped bring even more life to the characters.

And the pink graduation gowns for the finale were gloriously over the top and really made the ending sparkle.

The show finishes with a reprise of quite a few of the songs. It adds on another 10 mintutes to what is already quite a long show, but it really gets the audience up on their feet and literally dancing in the aisles. 

Mr H felt it was too long and not really needed, but loved it, though the clapping all the way through did leave me with very sore hands haha!!

Elle and Paulette, daydreaming about Ireland – Legally Blonde the Musical Tour
You’ve only got until Saturday to catch this fantastic production in Cardiff, before it moves onto Edinburgh and then many more places across the Uk and Ireland in the new year! Take a look here to find out if it’s visiting a town near you.

You Gotta Be Legally Blonde – Legally Blonde the Musical Tour
It’s a proper feel good show, very well directed with some absolutely brilliant performances. The perfect show for a night out with friends or family, and will leave you bubbling with happiness and singing along for a long while after!

Mrs H xxx

*disclaimer – we received a discount from a friend to buy the tickets, but we did pay for them and I was not asked to write a review.

Dear B: Happy Birthday, You’re One!

This last year has been a whirlwind. 

Having two children is certainly harder than one. 

I often feel you haven’t been given enough attention or the level of attention you deserve. It’s just not possible like it was the first time round. 

I’ve often struggled to manage my time, to balance the two of you, to feel like I’ve been enough. 

But I’ve never struggled to find enough love for the two of you. 

I couldn’t love you both any more. My heart literally aches with the amount of love I have for you. 

You are a hurricane. A force. A complete bundle of energy. 

You are loving. You are so sweet. You are incredible. 

You are constantly on the move. Climbing things, grabbing things, moving everywhere. 
You drive me completely round the twist whilst you’re doing it but I can’t help but admire how amazing you are. 

You can climb, you can crawl, you can walk. 
You have a wicked sense of humour. You know when you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, and the cheekiest grin takes over your whole face. 

You belly laugh when you pretend to bite my toes. And I can’t stop you because you’re just too cute!

You are so loving. You’re always toddling over to give cwtches and sloppy open mouthed kisses. And you say “aww” when you’re giving anyone or anything a cwtch. 

You’ve been walking for a few weeks, but this last week and a half you’ve really got the hang of it. Yesterday and today you’ve been trying to pick up speed. 

You have six (and a half) teeth. 

You love music and you love dancing. Bobbing up and down and kicking your legs. “You’re Welcome” from Moana is a particular favourite but you just love music in general. 

Only certain songs work when you’re grumpy in the car though. “I Had a Little Turtle” almost always works.

You and your big brother love each other very much but you can both give the other a decent thump. As an only child this baffles me but I’m assured this is normal. And will continue. Oh joy haha!!

You are a second child but by no means second best.

You are loved more than you’ll ever know. 

Love you so much bubba boy xxx

Quotes to Get a Mama Through the Day

Has anyone else noticed a huge increase in the amount of “Mama merch” out there?

You know the stuff. Jumpers, bags, pins, hats etc. Emblazoned with inspirational and or humorous words and quotes.

The amount of sellers, especially independent sellers mostly found on Instagram, has boomed. There’s loads! So many awesome mamas creating beautiful designs and merchandise. Quite frankly I want it all.

But why is it doing so well? In my opinion it’s because it gives us a little nudge and boost through our long parenting days. 

You surely can’t help feel a little bit badass when wearing a “Strong Girls Club” sweatshirt from Mutha Hood

Sporting an “Eliminate Girl Hate” tshirt or “Support Your Loval Ghoul Gang” tote bag from Bloody Nora Pam reminds everyone to be that bit kinder to each other.

Looking at my “Mama Warrior” clutch bag during my labour with B honestly gave me a much needed boost all the way through. Thank you so much to Kemi Telford (and a fabulous online support system who sent it to me!!) 

Recently I’ve just spotted this amazing tshirt from Black and Beech. “A Mothers Place is in the Resistance”. Bloody awesome!!

And who can avoid the amazing merch from Selfish Mother? I’m particularly coveting a “Winging It” hoodie. Because I am. Every day! 

More recently I’ve discovered Warrior Tees, who make gorgeous stuff that aims to raise awareness of mental health illnesses. The “Be Fearless” raglans are just awesome! I’m a sucker for a raglan t shirt.

And that’s barely scratched the surface on all the amazing Mama brands out there!!

This post may well need a sequel soon!!

Do you have any favourite mama brands? What item is your absolute fave?

Mrs H xxx

*all photos have been taken from the brands own Instagram – please all go and follow them! I’ve written this just because I wanted to and genuinely like their stuff. I’ve received no payment or products for this post


Tonight’s “Phobia”

Tonight’s phobia, or rather a fear, is that B will not let me out him down to sleep.

I’ve been in his room for over an hour now and he’s fine until I put him down.

Spent all day holding him to sleep too.

It may be a long night.

Wish me luck!

Mrs H xxx

(Ps. You can’t even tell that I had nothing prepared, and had to whip this up asap because I really want to complete Blogtober, can you?!
Slightly better quality posts will resume from tomorrow…I hope. Depends on if B is feeling it to be honest!!)